Healthier, Happier

I’ve been pretty lazy about writing, even though I have a post coming that relates to why I’m keeping a blog and such. I’ve also been somewhat lazy about my health, although compared to what I used to do on a regular basis I’m doing amazing!

I don’t have time to write a huge post out right now, but with the last week of high temperatures and beautiful spring weather, I’m glowing and excited about my life in a way that maybe mid-winter I wouldn’t be. I’m pretty sure I have spring fever, I won’t lie.


On Friday the temperature was around 70 degrees F, and I was staying with Josh (that’s a good story right there; Thursday I started feeling like crap but I was supposed to meet Josh for dinner that night, and all day I was stressed out and short with the kiddos I babysat. Then that evening a bunch of stuff started coming up that made me almost cancel my date, and I sat and cried in the bathroom for a few minutes because I was just so stressed out and my head hurt so badly…. And then a few minutes later stuff started workout out and I had dinner and somehow was able to make last-minute arrangements so I could stay the night with Josh and spend all day Friday with him. It was incredible and much-needed). We ran a couple errands then we decided to go to the lily pond nearby and take a walk…. I grabbed a couple of big sticks because I have a thing about sticks when I walk. I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t help it! It’s amusing for other people, so it works out just fine.


I also got the opportunity to see and hear some swans, which was exciting because I’ve never heard them trumpeting before. I read the book when I was a kid, but it was still new to me.



So, in general, working out and spending time in the sun, I’m feeling extremely happy and healthy and life is going really well for me. See ya later!



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