That’s how I feel when I realize I’ve fallen into the trap that is a constant temptation for me: not finishing what I start. I know everyone struggles with this to some degree, but I also know that it’s a particular weakness for my personality type (ie, Sanguine/High I personality from Personality Plus/DISC). I get really excited about starting new things, and enjoy the satisfaction of focusing on a project and getting things done up until the novelty wears off. After that, it’s all too easy to get distracted by the next fun thing and to leave a trail of half-finished projects behind me.

Right now, on the last day of January, I’ve taken a look at some of the things I started at the beginning of the month and genuinely thought I’d been doing well with. It’s frustrating to see the last time I messaged so-and-so was on January 6th, not just a week ago like I thought. And I barely completed 2 of the Blogging 101 assignments, and have failed to regularly post to my blog. I have to email pictures to my grandma like I said I would, mail a picture to a friend that I promised a couple of months ago, and I’m just now getting around to cleaning off all the bedding and the mattresses in my/my brother’s room that have been getting cluttered with junk since he got sick on his bed on Christmas Eve.

The temptation for me is to berate myself for “sucking” at life, and give up on trying because I’ll get to it later anyway. Fortunately, I’ve been surrounding myself with leadership-minded individuals and resources for the past couple of years, with a focus on personal development that’s helped me become aware of my weaknesses and has provided me with methods to turn them into strengths.

So, I’m back. I’m getting stuff done. I may falter and fall off the wagon again, but I’ll keep picking up again until I’m better at stopping the distraction cycle before it gets started. Quitting isn’t an option for me anymore.


3 thoughts on “ARGH!

    1. Haha glad to know I’m not the only one! There are so many shiny toys to play with, it’s hard to stick to just a few. Curse the short attention span! Why can’t there be more time in the world so I can get around to everything? (for real, if you ever get a chance, you should read Personality Plus by Florence Littauer, it’s pretty short but packed full of awesome stuff that’ll make you laugh and go “OH THAT’S WHY THAT PERSON ACTS SO WEIRD” as well as going “wow, there are other people like me?!?!?”)

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      1. Yea I looked up the personality stuff and was going to take one of those quizzes. I remember a mentor at work saying in a meeting one day that some of us are better at coming up with ideas versus following through or completing on a schedule and she turned and looked at me lol. I was like hey I can complete things, just at my own pace. I hate deadlines!

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