Buy ALL the things!

Since I got the latest catalog in the mail today, I decided I’d let my hair down and freak out a little bit over how much I love Title Nine and all its activewear for women. I haven’t yet been able to purchase a single thing from the store, due to being in a financial pinch, but I have looked at each catalog till the covers fell off. I absolutely adore the mission and style of this company.

From their page:

“We are evangelical about women’s participation in sports and fitness activities. … Complacency is the enemy. Consistency may be a starting block, but it is never, ever the finish line. … We believe that if we fail faster, we will succeed sooner.”

As someone who’s trying to get fit and increase the level of activity in my daily life, I can really appreciate the message they’re sending. On top of that, their clothing is cute and (as far as I know) extremely functional! If I could deck myself out in just about everything they sell, I would be pretty close to heaven. Not only that, I would be proud to tell people where I got my adorable tunic dress.

One thing I love about the catalog and company is that their “models” are normal women like me, who fit sports and physical activity into their everyday lives as an important part of who they are. They’re happy, confident, healthy, and strong. It’s inspiring to me to see how possible it is to find meaningful joy while pursuing fitness. More importantly, it conveys the effects of being active as a way of life.

When I eventually make my first (real, not imagined) purchase from this amazing business, I’ll be wearing my new clothing as a badge of pride for and a sign of commitment to the lifestyle I’ve been developing for myself. It’ll be for the person who is striving to reach her potential every day, and not for the indecisive, inconsistent girl who first discovered Title Nine.

Thanks for rocking, you guys. Keep up the amazing work. Spread the word.


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