2015 Goals: Read to Grow


My second goal this year is to spend AT LEAST 15 minutes a day reading from books on leadership, personal development, and self-help. This is an important success principle. I’ve gotten to where I am as a result of the level of thinking and the kind of information I plugged into. If I want better results, I have to change my thinking!

The best way to do that is to learn how the successful people think, from the renowned leaders of the past to the great thinkers of the present. Their legacies often include a book or five about the lessons they learned and the techniques they applied to accomplish their purpose in life. Take advantage of that! Learn from their mistakes and apply the principles of success in your life to maximize your potential in every part of your life.

Among my reading list for this year are The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE by Orrin Woodward, and Personality Plus by Florence Littauer.


The Magic of Thinking Big is an excellent resource for obtaining and strengthening vision and belief. It’s incredible how scared we become of having dreams, and how conditioned we are to think that risk is inherently bad. So we settle, and shrink our expectations to match whatever reality sees fit to give us. But there is so much power in how we approach life, and if we can teach ourselves to believe in a reality, we’ll be able to move toward that goal with the eyes to see all the doors that are open to us. The book was powerful and life-changing when I read it last year, and it’s time I renew that sense of possibility I gained.

Resolved is a book about developing key character traits and habits to change first your personal life and inner dialogue, and then your public life and influence. It defines what purpose is, and how to apply that knowledge in your life. It’s an influential read to be revisited over and over, as each resolution is conquered and you step up to the next level in your climb to living your purpose.

Personality Plus is an entertaining and informative read that reminds us all that no, he’s not CRAZY, he’s just different. When someone does something that is infuriating and is simply ridiculous, it’s quite possible that it’s only infuriating to you, and it makes perfect sense to others. We all function differently on a fundamental level, and identifying the personalities of others can go a long way toward building stronger relationships and cultivating an attitude of understanding and acceptance. My family is large enough that I get to deal with all the different personalities on a daily basis; I could never figure out why my sister and I hated each other so much but after reading this book and understanding the concept, it drastically improved the relationship. I understand what makes her tick and I know how to pick my battles.

There are so many incredible books to read and study, and if there’s a concept or principle you’d like to study, there’s probably a “manual” for it. Simply reading the words isn’t enough, however; intentional learning and application of the lessons taught will make all the difference.

What’s one characteristic you’d like to develop or strengthen in yourself this year?


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